imago corporis impressa, state ii

The body of work, imago corporis impressa state ii, includes seven triptychs of graphite chine collé drawings, ink jet prints, and CNC router cut panels with photography-based sculpture.  My methodology is informed by an ongoing interest in how knowledge is acquired, stored, accessed, and the role of free will, limited free will, or no free will. 


Using the rigid CNC panels to create the graphite chine collé drawings references both the act of observation and the interference of illusions. The rose images captured, and time stamped, exhibit a diminished glory with poignancy that penetrates in reflection.  Paper pyramids, crafted through a process of cutting up the photographs and reassembling them as randomly placed tessellated objects mounted on wooden panels, hide answers. A random number generator informed by atmospheric noise determines assembly.  The round photography-based sculptures hang like vanity mirrors, capturing reflected portraits of beauty and decay in fleeting fragmented moments – not deconstructions; rather, a manifestation of a construction and snapshot of a particular moment in time.


The patterns that emerge through the triptych of graphite, a rose, and tessellated pyramids invite the passerby to create a space for reflection and investigation. 




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