contingency:  sculptural tessellations

contingency is an ongoing body of work.  Surface materials of paper, canvas and cold-rolled steel are cut allowing for the tessellation of handmade paper pyramids across the surface.  Some surfaces are almost completely covered, others sparsely, and one is void of anything except the play of light (The Shadow of a Greater Structure That Cannot Be Experienced).

© Aposematic 2

    8.75" X 13.375" X 3.25"






© Aposematic

   57” X 7’6” (detail)


Aposematic is made of laser cut, cold-rolled steel, oak, and an edition of thirteen, multiple-color, hand-printed lithographs.  Each print is chopped up and reassembled into three-dimensional pyramids.  The pyramids are then randomly tessellated across a narrow band covering 70% of the middle surface.  The imagery is that of a highway with double yellow lines.

Aposematic joins an ongoing body of work searching the nature of patterns and their origin of direction, be it determined (in a mechanistic sense), free of any restraints or limited (a mix of free and determined).   


Aposematic most recently showed in Printmaking Perspectives at the Beverly Street Studio School in Staunton Virginia, May 3 – June 9, 2013. 

© The Shadow of a Greater Structure That Cannot Be Experienced


   laser cut, powder coated cold rolled steel

© Contingency

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